Timeless Beauty

It has a great aesthetic value and was designed to suit for Italian architecture. The result of long and careful studies, is still used for prestigious renovation works in churches, palaces and buildings of great historical and artistic importance.

Jewels of Italian architecture with Eurolegno doors and windows.

Extremely versatile, its profile in "Transom ‘600” and “Transom ‘700” can be adapted to different architectural styles.

In the picture: Laminated Pine Lacquered Ral 7044.

Woods and finishes

Laminated Oak Standard Tint
Laminated Oak Wengè Tint
Laminated Oak Cherry Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Walnut Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Honey Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Wengè Tint
Laminated Pine Walnut Tint
Laminated Pine Coffee Tint
Laminated Pine Douglas Tint
Laminated Pine Forest green Tint
Laminated Antiqued Pine
Laminated Chestnut Standard Tint
Antiqued Laminated Chestnut
New Era
Laminated Pine Chalk

RAL and NCS colours


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