Class and Charm

Posh, elegant design, its style is strong and tender at the same time. Full and rounded shapes, where light slides into soft light and dark contrast. This enhances the wooden nuances.

Very refined details and finishes. Unique, precious and undoubtedly valuable. It integrates itself perfectly in the structure of the house, as an important architectural element.

Its design, inspired by the classical and Mediterranean tradition, adds charm and warmth to any room in the house.

In the picture: Laminated Chestnut Standard Tint 01.

Thermal transmittance Uw from 1,8 to 1,3 W/m²K
Acoustic Reduction Rw from 33 dB to 44 dB

Woods and finishes

Laminated Oak Standard Tint
Laminated Oak Wengè Tint
Laminated Oak Cherry Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Walnut Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Honey Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Wengè Tint
Laminated Pine Walnut Tint
Laminated Pine Coffee Tint
Laminated Pine Douglas Tint
Laminated Pine Forest green Tint
Laminated Antiqued Pine
Laminated Chestnut Standard Tint
Antiqued Laminated Chestnut
New Era
Laminated Pine Chalk

RAL and NCS colours


Full range