Stainless Beauty

Beautiful and essential. More light in your house thanks to this window, that uses 70 mm Slim profiles without losing the symmetry of the two internal shutters.

Aluminium – which covers its external part – resists against weathering and is easy to care for, can also be customized. The wood that constitutes the core of the shutter guarantees exceptional thermal insulation and excellent sealing.

It is possible to get round or squared internal profile.

In the picture: Squared Solid, Laminated Pine Chalk 224, External aluminium Clad Ral Opaque 7001 Silver Gray.

Thermal transmittance Uw from 1,8 to 1,3 W/m²K
Acoustic Reduction Rw from 33 dB to 44 dB

Woods and finishes

Laminated Oak Standard Tint
Laminated Oak Wengè Tint
Laminated Natural Oak
Laminated Oak Cherry Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Walnut Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Honey Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Wengè Tint
Laminated Pine Walnut Tint
Laminated Pine Coffee Tint
Laminated Pine Douglas Tint
Laminated Pine Forest green Tint
Laminated Antiqued Pine
Laminated Chestnut Standard Tint
Antiqued Laminated Chestnut
Laminated Scratched Pine Nature
Laminated Scratched Pine White Farm
Laminated Oak Snow
Laminated Brushed Oak Walnut
Laminated Brushed Oak Oil Tint
Laminated Brushed Oak RAL 1013
Laminated Brushed Oak Wengè
Laminated Brushed Oak Pearl
Laminated Brushed Bleached Oak
Laminated Brushed Oak Opal
Laminated Brushed Oak Alexandrite
Laminated Brushed Oak Emerald
Laminated Brushed Oak Topaz
Laminated Brushed Oak Sapphire
Laminated Brushed Oak Quartz
Laminated Brushed Oak Amethyst
Laminated Brushed Oak Andalusite
Laminated Brushed Oak Jasper gold
Laminated Brushed Oak Jasper silver
New Era
Laminated Ash Lacquered RAL 9010
Laminated Ash Tobacco
Laminated Ash Leaden
Laminated Ash Grey
Laminated Ash Chalk
Laminated Ash Krystal
Laminated Ash Sand
Laminated Ash Metal
Laminated Pine Chalk
Laminated Pine Tobacco
Laminated Pine Grey
Laminated Scratched Pine Chalk
Laminated Scratched Pine Tobacco
Laminated Scratched Pine Grey
Aluminium Clad
RAL 1013 opaque
RAL 3005 opaque
RAL 5014 opaque
RAL 6005 opaque
RAL 6009 opaque
RAL 6019 opaque
RAL 7001 opaque
RAL 7035 opaque
RAL 8014 opaque
RAL 8017 opaque
RAL 9006 opaque
RAL 9007 opaque
RAL 9010 opaque
RAL 9016 opaque
Brunelleschi BR-W White
Brunelleschi BR-G Grey
Brunelleschi BR-G Green
Brunelleschi BR-R Red
Brunelleschi BR-B Brown
Metal Decorated DMZN Zinc
Metal Decorated DMRV Green Copper
Metal Decorated DMCT Corten
Wood Decorated DRT1 Chestnut
Wood Decorated DRM1 Sapelli Mahogany
Wood Decorated DRN1 Walnut
Wood Decorated DRRV Green Walnut
Wood Decorated DRC3 Cherry
Wood Decorated DRC1 Canadian Cherry
Wood Decorated DRP1 Pine
Wood Decorated DRR Bleached Oak
Sablè S100 Black
Sablè S400 Grey
Sablè S500 Green
Sablè S700 Blue
Corium CR10 Micaceous Iron
Corium CR20 Rust
Corium CR30 Coffee
Corium CR40 Sage
Corium CR50 Moss
Corium CR60 Plaster
Oxidized A1K Silver
Oxidized B15 Light bronze
Oxidized B20 Dark bronze
Inox Steel
Electro colour E24 Brown
Electro colour E28 Dark Brown
Oxipulver XP10 Natural
Oxipulver XP20 Champagne
Oxipulver XP30 Bronze
Oxipulver XP40 Brown
Oxipulver XP50 Sapphire
Oxipulver XP60 Malachite
Oxipulver XP70 Black

RAL and NCS colours


Full range