Unique pieces, completely handmade. Perfumes and essences that stand out and blend harmoniously with the surrounding elements. New sensations inspired by the eternal changing of wood, which transforms and regenerates itself.

Laminated wooden doors with leaf section 90 mm and bosses made of marine, veneered multilayer in essence for maximum reliability against weathering.

Certified burglar resistance class 2- for single doors.

Certified thermal transmittance up to 1.1 W/m ² K.

Woods and finishes

Laminated Chestnut Standard Tint
Antiqued Laminated Chestnut
Laminated Oak Standard Tint
Laminated Oak Wengè Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Walnut Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Honey Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Wengè Tint
Laminated Pine Walnut Tint
Laminated Natural Oak

RAL and NCS colours