Gold Model


Doors built on a French window base with adjustable double shank hinges, lock with security Euro cylinder, pantographed external panel with smooth inner side, or with the same inner and external design on demand.

Panel thickness 14 mm.

Gold pantographing.

Possible on Pine, Mahogany, Oak, etched or lacquered (except litos, brushed and scratched).

Woods and finishes

Laminated Oak Standard Tint
Laminated Oak Wengè Tint
Laminated Oak Cherry Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Walnut Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Honey Tint
Laminated Mahoganyd Wengè Tint
Laminated Pine Walnut Tint
Laminated Pine Coffee Tint
Laminated Pine Douglas Tint
Laminated Pine Forest green Tint

RAL and NCS colours